Do You Have Dental Anxiety? Here’s How The Wand Can Help

Many people have dental anxiety and choose not to schedule regular dental appointments due to their fear of pain and local anesthetic shots. Thanks to modern technology, dentistry has created innovative ways for patients to receive the dental care they need in a relaxing and comfortable manner.

You shouldn’t have to neglect your oral health because of dental anxiety, and now you won’t have to. The Wand’s computerized anesthetic delivery system has created a way for patients to receive consistent and painless anesthesia for any type of location injection.

What is Dental Anxiety Exactly?

Severe dental anxiety is characterized by an uncontrollable fear of visiting the dentist. Those with dental anxiety will put off going to the dentist, and thus place themselves at risk for cavities, tooth decay, and plaque buildup. An unhealthy smile can become noticeable, which can lead to anxious patients becoming self-conscious about the appearance of their smile.

Those with dental anxiety have a higher risk of acquiring gum disease and tooth loss, and may have bodily health problems earlier than usual.

How can The Wand Help?

Those who experience dental anxiety may fear the discomfort of the syringe used to deliver a local anesthetic. The Wand eliminates this fear by delivering a steady flow of anesthesia using a computer-regulated system. The pen-shaped device looks nothing like a traditional syringe and allows a comfortable application of local anesthesia. Dentists can much more accurately deliver the local anesthetic to the patient.

Patients are put at ease with The Wand’s non-threatening nature, and subsequently, dentists can perform procedures with ease due to a reassured and relaxed patient.

Patients can say goodbye to scary syringes, painful injections, and stress!

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For more information about The Wand and how we can treat your dental anxiety, contact Drs. Steven and Corey Anolik in Gaithersburg today!

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