CEREC Crowns | Porcelin Dental Crowns In Just One Visit

If you have one or more teeth that are damaged, you don’t have to subject yourself to messy impressions and multiple office visits over several weeks for a viable, long-term solution. Trusted Montgomery Village CEREC dentists, Drs. Steven and Corey Anolik, can provide you with porcelain crowns, onlays, inlays, veneers, bridges, implants and more with CEREC Omnicam in just one visit.

What Is CEREC?

CEREC, or is an exciting technology that allows dentists to create porcelain restorations in one office visit. It allows our team to take 3D digital images of your teeth and gums with a high-quality intra-oral video scanning system. Using specialized software and a medical-grade computer, we then use these images to create a virtual model of your teeth. This allows us to design your new tooth (or teeth) while you watch. This information is then communicated to a milling machine, which mills a custom, color-matched restoration from a block of porcelain in just minutes.

With CEREC, the need to send anything to a lab is eliminated. Our dentists can often place your restoration in a single visit, giving you same-day results that are proven to last. At TotallySmiles, we proudly use CEREC Omnicam in Montgomery Village, the latest CEREC system from Sirona.

CAD-CAM Technology

CEREC is sometimes referred to as CAD-CAM or computer assisted design and milling. Think of it the way that tissue is sometimes called Kleenex even though it which references the machine’s ability to build a 3D model of your mouth and create a restoration based off of this information. CAD-CAM technology’s 3 main parts are:

  • Image Capturing – With the high resolution camera, the CEREC machine can produce detailed images of teeth and then process them with its advanced software to create a complete picture of a patient’s mouth.
  • 3D Model Creation – Once the high definition images of your teeth and surrounding structures are captured, the computer software is able to piece together a model of the your mouth that can be manipulated and viewed from every possible angle for developing precise, custom restorations.
  • Milling – Based off of the specs from this model, the CAM technology creates your custom crowns and other restorations from a solid block of porcelain in as little as an hour.

The CEREC Process

Totally Smiles’ experienced dentists, Drs. Steven and Corey Anolik, can complete crowns in a day (or other CEREC restorations) with just a handful of steps. You can expect them to:

  • Deliver anesthesia (if necessary) via the computer-aided anesthesia delivery Wand system
  • Scan your opposing teeth and bite registrations while the anesthesia starts to work
  • Prepare your tooth for the restoration (cleaning and decay removal)
  • Scan the prepared tooth with the Omnicam
  • Use the CEREC software to design the restoration, based on the digital images collected
  • Mill the restoration out of the material best suited to your needs.
  • Place and adjust the restoration, making sure contact with adjacent teeth is ideal
  • Glaze the restoration in an oven for a more natural look
  • Complete the final placement of the restoration

The time required to finish a CEREC restoration varies depending on each situation, but in most cases, the entire process takes just an hour!

Before & After CEREC

Why Opt for CEREC Omnicam?

In the past, the quality of dental restorations was limited because dentists couldn’t examine the teeth and related structures very well from multiple angles. With CEREC Omnicam, our team can get a comprehensive look at important mouth structures. The Omnicam is the next best alternative to physically taking the tooth out and rotating it.

CEREC restorations offer the convenience of being able to get a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing fix to your dental problem in a single visit. Being able to complete work in just one appointment is cost-effective, as well – there are no temporary restorations to worry about, and the prosthetics are biocompatible.

Find Out if CEREC is Right for You

If you are looking for bridges, veneers, inlays, onlays, implants or porcelain crowns in Montgomery Village, Drs. Steven and Corey Anolik can schedule your CEREC Omnicam consultation appointment today. Contact Totally Smiles at (301) 948-8838 or use our online appointment request form to get started!

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