Patient Reviews for Totally Smiles

Dr. Corey Anolik and Dr. Steven Anolik are passionate about helping patients find the right dental solution for their smiles. At Totally Smiles, Drs. Anolik take a systematic approach to treating their patients. They offer a wide array of oral health services to improve and maintain the form and function of the teeth and gums.

Here you can read patient reviews for Drs. Anolik and the team at Totally Smiles. If you are a current patient, please leave a review for our practice on Google. Our office welcomes your feedback!

Dental Patient Reviews in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Dental Patient Reviews in Gaithersburg, MD

“Prior to coming here, I was never a regular visitor of the dentist. I was very scared and went once every few years when it felt like it was time. Now, I go regularly for my cleanings and, most recently, finished Invisalign treatment here. The office is great, the staff is great, and it doesn’t feel scary coming here. Plan to keep coming here for a long time, even though it’s quite a drive from where I live.”

-Kathy B.


“Totally Smiles is awesome! A little back story, I was going to a practice in Frederick for years. The main reason is because of Dr. Corey Anolik. When he left years ago from the practice in Frederick, I search high and low to find Dr. Anolik at Totally Smiles. I don’t like pain from the dentist but he knows how to work on me with little to no pain.

Totally Smiles is clean and modern. Plenty of parking. Ideal location to visit your dentist. Crowns on the same day. The best technology. The front office staff is professional, welcoming, and personable. The hygienists are helpful and detailed. Dr. Anolik makes me feel comfortable and at ease every time. Even though I love giving him a fit. This office treats you like family and that they care. Totally Smiles don’t nickel and dime you. I don’t write reviews often because most times I’m very picky and don’t take time out to write it. I’m picky when it comes to dental care and germs. I don’t have one complaint about Totally Smiles. If you looking for an awesome Dentist and a staff that make you feel special and comfortable, check them out. You won’t regret it.”

-Vicki J.


“All the staff are friendly, professional, and welcoming. If you have an emergency, they ensure you are seen immediately. They have weekend coverage for emergencies. Great team. Dental work is excellent and the newest equipment in the dental world. Crowns are made on-site same day.”

-Jennifer G.