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If you have broken, or severely decayed teeth, a dental crown can help you restore the look, feel, and functionality of your natural tooth. At TotallySmiles, our dentists are prepared to help you address complex dental concerns within your smile such as extensive dental damage. While some tooth chips and cracks can be concealed using cosmetic dentistry services, others will cause structural damage to your teeth and will affect the bite and the way you eat and speak.

It is best to have all damaged dentition and trauma assessed by a professional dentist as soon as possible to determine the best course of treatment. Otherwise, you risk the damages only being worse and requiring more invasive treatment. Learn more about restorative dentistry below.

Restorative Dentist in Gaithersburg, MD

Dental Crowns in Gaithersburg, MD

Dr. Steven Anolik and Dr. Corey Anolik are experienced restorative dentists in Gaithersburg, MD. They are happy to provide dental crowns to patients in need of tooth restoration.

Patients love dental crowns because it helps them avoid the need for a total tooth extraction following severe dental damage. Because our office has invested in the best modern dental technologies, we can have you in and out of our office with a restored dental crown within one appointment.

What To Expect

Your dental crown will require extensive enamel removal; however, our doctors will ensure the affected area is numbed to avoid patient discomfort. If the procedure is causing you to have dental anxiety, talk to your dentist about sedation dentistry options. Sedation dentistry is an excellent way for you to sit back and relax while we provide you with your necessary dental care.

After the affected area is numbed, your dentist will shape down your affected tooth to its foundational core. The foundational core will support the dental crown once it is set in place. We will take detailed digital dental impressions captured by a computer to give us the data we need to design your new restoration. Our software coupled with our training creates a dental crown milled from the finest porcelain.

If we are for any reason unable to provide a same-day dental crown, a temporary crown will be placed over your tooth to protect it from increased sensitivity. Once your porcelain crown is complete, we will secure it to your tooth using dental cement. The final product will look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth.

The Many Uses of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the best tools a dentist has at their disposal. They can treat just about any restorative dental concern, and many cosmetic issues, too. They’re a popular choice with a wide variety of patients.

Fixing Cosmetic Issues

When you have discolored teeth, professional teeth whitening is the first solution we usually turn to. However, not all discoloration responds to teeth bleaching. Deep stains from medication or discoloration due to trauma won’t respond to traditional methods. We color-match dental crowns to whatever shade of white you desire. A crown completely covers the tooth, so no discoloration stays in view.

Crowns can also correct deformed or misshapen teeth, another cosmetic issue many people want resolved. Not only is this a cosmetic problem, but it can impact function depending on where the tooth is located in your mouth. Teeth are important for biting and chewing food, as well as proper speech. We match the crown so that it fits the size and shape of the rest of your teeth, blending in naturally.

Strengthening Natural Teeth

One of the typical uses for a dental crown is to strengthen and stabilize the tooth after a root canal. A root canal procedure involves removing infected dental pulp from inside the center of the tooth. We refill it with a biocompatible material and seal it. But sometimes, you don’t get back your full function and stability. A dental crown helps ensure that you can use your tooth normally and further seals it off from another infection.

When you have a traditional dental bridge, the two natural teeth on either side of the span anchor it in place. Those anchor teeth take on a lot of extra stress since they’re supporting the bridge restoration. They wear down faster and are more likely to succumb to tooth decay or other problems. Putting a dental crown on each of these teeth fortifies them so that they don’t take on this extra pressure. All of the stress of bridge support goes on the crowns instead.

Salvaging Tooth Structure

A dental crown is often the last line of defense to save a severely decayed or broken tooth. We ensure that we preserve natural tooth structure whenever possible. Losing the tooth root has many negative effects on your smile, so we attempt to avoid that whenever possible. With a severely fractured tooth, a crown can hold the pieces together and restore tooth function. It can complete a tooth that’s lost a lot of structure due to decay as well, fortifying it to normal strength.

It also helps when a large portion of your tooth breaks off. When this happens, nerves and other sensitive material inside your tooth becomes exposed. When food touches it while you’re eating, it’s painful, and can make it difficult to consume certain foods. A crown replaces the tooth struture that was lost, and protects the interior of that tooth.

Completing a Dental Implant

Dental implants are the top choice for tooth replacement. They bring oral health benefits that you can’t get with other restorations. This includes looking and feeling the most like natural teeth. This is especially true when the implant is completed with a dental crown. We ensure dental crowns are made to the specifications of the size, shape, and shade of the rest of your teeth, so that they blend in perfectly.

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