The Unexpected Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental treatments aren’t just for show. While an improved smile is one of the main goals, cosmetic dentistry in Gaithersburg, MD, offers a host of other benefits as well. There may be times when your dentist suggests cosmetic treatments for non-cosmetic reasons. But even if the initial reason was cosmetic, your treatment can often help benefit your oral health in other ways. As cosmetic technology and treatments continue to improve, so, too, do the additional benefits of each procedure.

COSMETIC DENTISTRY in GAITHERSBURG MD has wonderful restorative and preventative benefits as well

How Cosmetic Dentistry in Gaithersburg, MD, Improves Your Oral Health

Cosmetic treatment can be a great way to improve the look and feel of your smile. But it can also make brushing and flossing more effective, prevent further dental conditions, and help strengthen your bite. When your dentist recommends a cosmetic treatment plan, it’s not always just to help boost the natural beauty of your smile. Each cosmetic treatment is designed to provide a comprehensive improvement to your overall oral health.

Hygiene Benefits

When your teeth are misaligned or have gaps between them, it can be hard to brush and floss properly. Cosmetic treatments can often help align your teeth and close gaps. This helps prevent food from getting stuck and makes it easier for floss to clear away plaque. When you get certain cosmetic treatments, it can help improve your oral hygiene routine and reduce the risk of developing decay.

Preventative Benefits

Improving your smile and bite can also help prevent a variety of other dental conditions. Malocclusion can be a leading cause of TMJ and other jaw disorders. And when your bite has an uneven pressure, your teeth may suffer enamel loss or other damage. Adjusting your smile can often even out your bite, helping you to protect your teeth and oral health.

Restorative Benefits

Cosmetic treatment is often recommended by dentists to help restore your teeth after suffering damage. Consider dental crowns and porcelain veneers. Crowns are often used to help protect and restore your tooth after suffering decay or damage. But if that tooth is in your smile line, your dentist may recommend a veneer instead. Veneers can provide the same restorative benefits but with greater control over the cosmetic appearance.

Cosmetic Treatments and Insurance

Generally speaking, cosmetic procedures are less likely to be covered by insurance. However, if your dentist recommends cosmetic treatment for a restorative or preventative need, you may be able to get partial coverage. In most cases, you can work with your dentist to submit a pre-authorization request to see what your insurance policy will cover. If submitted with the right photos, X-rays, and narratives, you may be able to get financial aid for your cosmetic treatment.

If you’re unhappy with the way your smile looks or feels, cosmetic treatment may be available. Call Totally Smiles today at 301-701-5861 to schedule a consultation and learn more about our cosmetic options and their benefits to your oral health.