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Looking for a dentist in Gaithersburg, MD? Look no further than TotallySmiles. We are your local dentist’s office, welcoming new patients of all ages. From cleanings and standard preventative care to treatment options for complex dental concerns, our Gaithersburg, MD dentist office is here to help get you on track for lifelong oral health and wellness.

In addition to cleanings, periodontal screenings, and dental exams, we have expanded our menu of general dentistry services to ensure that no matter what, our doctors can cater to your needs and help you achieve your dream smile. Learn more about our general dentistry services below.

General Dentist in Gaithersburg MD

General Dentist in Gaithersburg, MD

Dr. Steven Anolik and Dr. Corey Anolik are highly-trained general dentists in the Gaithersburg, MD area. Together, they have helped hundreds of patients achieve lifelong dental health with a wide range of dental services.

Our general dentistry services go above and beyond standard preventative care to ensure that no matter what, TotallySmiles is here to help you when you need us the most. If you need dental health care, our general dentistry services include:

Emergency Dentistry

When you need us the most, we are here to offer you emergency dentistry services. A dental emergency is any sudden, unexplained pain or discomfort in your teeth, gums, or jawbone. When you experience a dental emergency, seek professional dental care to ensure your smile does not suffer for long.

Whether you have a broken tooth, a dislodged dental crown, or a prolonged toothache, Dr. Steven Anolik and Dr. Corey Anolik can help restore your dental health and peace of mind. Our office will make every effort to ensure that you are seen promptly and your dental health is restored promptly.

Sedation Dentistry

If you suffer from dental anxiety or fear of the dentist, we have the sedation dentistry solutions you need to sit back and relax in the dental chair. Our dentists and dental assistants are compassionate professionals, here to help you, not judge you. Whether this is your first dental appointment at our office or your first in a very long time, rest assured that you will be treated with respect and dignity.

We understand new patients may have dental anxiety due to a bad experience in a previous dental chair. However, we are here to offer solutions to receive all necessary dental procedures without sacrificing your mental health. Sedation dentistry solutions can be included in most treatment plans. Ask your dentist about our sedation dentistry solutions at any point during your upcoming appointment.

Family Dentistry

Our office is equipped to treat patients of all ages with our family dentistry services. If you have little ones who have never experienced a dentist’s office before, we ensure their first visit goes as smoothly as possible. Our compassionate dental professionals take the time to explain the basics of oral health and wellness to our younger patients.

We are happy to answer any questions they have about unfamiliar tools or equipment. We aim to make a great first impression, so your child will look forward to visiting the dentist for many years. We can also offer parents the necessary insight into their child’s dental health and development to address minor issues before they become major dental concerns.

Tooth Extraction

While our goal is to allow you to keep as many of your natural teeth as possible, occasionally, there will be a tooth that is causing more harm than good to your dental health. Whether you have an impacted tooth, a severely decayed or damaged tooth, or need wisdom teeth removal services, our doctors can help quarterback your tooth extraction procedure to ensure that your smile is taken care of every step of the way.

Removing a problematic tooth can help restore your dental health and peace of mind. Additionally, we offer restorative dentistry solutions to replace a missing tooth if necessary. These services include tooth replacement options like dental implants and dental bridges. Your dentist will recommend the best tooth-replacement option to meet your needs, if applicable, following your tooth extraction.

Custom Mouthguard

Custom mouthguards are affordable and efficient oral appliances that can help with dental health concerns. Wearing a custom mouthguard at night can prevent dental damage like worn-down teeth if you have a history of teeth grinding.

Custom mouthguards can also be incorporated into TMJ treatment plans to help you manage symptoms like jaw pain, tension headaches, and earaches. Additionally, we are happy to provide you with a custom mouthguard if you participate in high-risk sports activities. If you need a custom mouthguard for any reason, TotallySmiles has you covered.

The Importance of Preventative Dental Care

Preventative dental care is a crucial part of maintaining your oral health. And keeping your mouth healthy is also essential to keeping the rest of your body healthy. Our office uses general dentistry to help you maintain your healthy mouth. Preventative care helps you avoid severe problems with your teeth, therefore avoiding invasive treatment and costs in the future.

The basis of preventative care is regular exams and cleanings at our dentist office. Even if you’re dedicated to brushing and flossing at home, getting into certain areas is impossible. Specialized dental tools are the only way to ensure they get clean. Without regular deep cleaning, plaque and tartar build up in these places, increasing your risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease.

Certain oral conditions like gum disease and oral cancer have early warning signs that aren’t easily detected. They’re painless and might not be something you think twice about. We’re trained to notice these warning signs and see if something has changed since your last appointment. This can help save you from intensive care and expensive procedures.

Regular visits are especially important for patients whose mouths are still growing and changing. As your child grows up, a lot can change between appointments. We want to ensure that development is on track and to make recommendations if things aren’t right. We may recommend orthodontic treatment like Invisalign for many patients to ensure an even, healthy smile.

Diet and Oral Health

Your diet plays a big part in the health of your mouth. Your teeth and gums need certain nutrients to stay healthy and strong. One of the main ones is calcium. It strengthens the tooth enamel — the protective outer layer of your teeth. Vitamin D is essential because it helps the body better absorb calcium. Foods like dairy and leafy greens contain high amounts of calcium, while you can get Vitamin D from foods like egg yolks and fatty fish.

For your gums, you need Vitamin C. It boosts gum health and protects against developing gum disease. Without it, you’re more likely to have bleeding gums and tissue more vulnerable to infection. Foods like oranges, strawberries, and broccoli all have high amounts of Vitamin C.

Fibrous fruits and vegetables also benefit oral health with their texture. They’re crunchy and fresh, requiring a lot of chewing to break them down. They help dislodge food debris from between the teeth and increase saliva production. Saliva is a key part of oral health, as it washes away food particles and bacteria while neutralizing acids so they don’t harm your smile.

Certain foods are good for your mouth, but some are especially troublesome for your smile. Foods high in sugar and acid are the worst for your smile. Sugar attracts bacteria that feed on it and release an acidic byproduct that eats through the enamel on your tooth. Limit your sugar and acid intake to help keep your teeth healthy.

You should also avoid consistent snacking throughout the day. Particularly if you’re eating sugary foods, you’re introducing acid to your teeth continuously throughout the day. With near-constant acid exposure, your tooth enamel will wear down faster, making it easier to succumb to tooth decay.

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