Why Choose Invisalign

In today’s dental world, many individuals seek options for straightening their teeth without the drawbacks associated with traditional metal braces. At Totally Smiles in Gaithersburg, MD, we proudly offer Invisalign as a modern solution. Clear aligners often provide an effective and discreet way to achieve a beautiful smile, making them a preferred choice among our patients.

Invisalign often provides an effective and discreet way to achieve a beautiful smile, making it a preferred choice among our patients.

Comfort and Convenience

Removable Aligners

One of the primary benefits of Invisalign is the ability to remove the aligners when necessary. Unlike traditional braces that remain attached to the teeth, Invisalign aligners can be taken out during meals and for cleaning. This feature offers unparalleled convenience, allowing you to maintain your usual oral hygiene routine without any hindrances. You can also remove them during special occasions, ensuring that they do not interfere with your lifestyle.

Smooth Edges for Comfort

Clear aligners feature smooth edges, providing a comfortable fit. Traditional braces often cause discomfort due to their metal brackets and wires, which can irritate the gums and inner cheeks. Invisalign reduces this problem. The aligners are custom-made to fit snugly over your teeth, minimizing any potential discomfort and ensuring a more pleasant treatment experience.


Clear Aligners are Virtually Invisible

For those concerned about the appearance of their orthodontic treatment, Invisalign offers a clear advantage. The aligners are made from transparent plastic, making them almost invisible when worn. Most people will not even notice that you have them on, helping you to maintain a natural, confident smile throughout the treatment process. This feature is especially appealing to adults and teens who may feel self-conscious about wearing braces.

No Metal Brackets or Wires

Invisalign eliminates the need for metal brackets and wires, which are common in traditional braces. These components can detract from your appearance and cause self-esteem issues. By choosing Invisalign at Totally Smiles, you can avoid these problems while still achieving the desired alignment of your teeth. The absence of metal also means fewer emergency visits to address broken brackets or wires.

Oral Health Benefits

Easier Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining oral hygiene becomes significantly easier with clear aligners. Since the aligners are removable, you can brush and floss your teeth as usual without any obstructions. Traditional braces often pose challenges because food particles can get trapped in the brackets and wires. By choosing Invisalign, you could simplify your oral care routine.

Reduced Risk of Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

The improved ability to clean your teeth with Invisalign also translates to a reduced risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Poor oral hygiene associated with traditional braces can lead to these problems. Invisalign often helps you maintain a healthier mouth by allowing for better cleaning practices. At Totally Smiles, we emphasize the importance of oral health, and Invisalign aligns perfectly with this priority.


Choosing Invisalign at Totally Smiles in Gaithersburg, MD, offers numerous advantages. The comfort and convenience of removable aligners, the aesthetic benefits of clear and metal-free treatment, and the oral health benefits make Invisalign an excellent choice for achieving a straighter smile. If you wish to explore how Invisalign can transform your smile, contact Totally Smiles today.