Times You May Need a Tooth Extraction

Whenever possible, your dentist will recommend a treatment designed to help protect and preserve your natural teeth. However, there may be times when preservation isn’t an option. Tooth extraction in Gaithersburg, MD, could be necessary when there’s extreme decay, damage, or overcrowding. Many patients will likely experience some kind of extraction in their life, usually for their wisdom teeth. While extraction is often the last resort, it can be beneficial in helping to protect the rest of your teeth and gums.

Tooth Extraction in Gaithersburg MD could be necessary to help protect the rest of your teeth and gums

When a Tooth Extraction in Gaithersburg, MD, is Necessary

If your tooth suffers decay or damage, your dentist can often catch the problem early on and help restore the tooth. However, this isn’t always the case. Some damage or decay spreads rapidly, and if you don’t treat it soon enough, it can worsen quickly. It’s crucial to visit your dentist as soon as you notice something wrong and to get early treatment whenever possible. Otherwise, you may not be able to avoid extraction.

Excessive Damage

Minor to moderate chips and fractures can often be fixed with restorative dentistry. Dental crowns are the most recommended treatment for restoring damage. But your dentist may also recommend bonding, veneers, or inlays and onlays to help protect and preserve your tooth. However, if the damage is excessive, restoration may not be available. In these cases, extraction is often the only option to help alleviate pain and prevent further harm to your oral health.

Widespread Decay

Tooth decay can cause serious damage to your teeth, gums, and overall health. Deep decay could be treated with a successful root canal and dental crown. However, widespread decay, no matter how deep it is, may have the same problem as excessive damage. When too much of the tooth’s surface is affected, restorative treatment may not be an option. A quick tooth extraction is often recommended in these cases to help prevent the decay from spreading and causing more damage.


Everyone’s mouth is different, and some patients may not have enough room in their mouth for all of their teeth. This is most common when wisdom teeth start to develop, but some patients may experience crowding from their other teeth as well. Sometimes, your dentist may be able to treat this issue with orthodontics. However, this may not always be the best option. You may need a tooth extraction to help give the rest of your teeth enough room for healthy development and improved oral hygiene.

At Totally Smiles, we always strive to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. However, there are sometimes when an extraction is necessary. In these cases, we work hard to provide a quick and comfortable extraction while also coordinating implant treatment as needed. Call us today at 301-701-5861 to schedule a consultation and see if you may need a tooth extraction.