General Dentistry Q&A

General dental care is preventative in nature. With preventative treatments, we help our patients maintain their smiles and stop further oral health problems. One of the most important aspects of preventative care is routine dental appointments. At regular dental visits, our hygienists offer dental cleanings. We also regularly take x-rays to keep track of the tooth and gum health of our patients. Our services reflect routine care as we can prevent future dental issues with general dentistry in Gaithersburg, MD.

general dentistry in Gaithersburg, MD

FAQs: General Dentistry in Gaithersburg, MD

Read answers to popular questions many patients have about their general dental treatments:

Do I need to remove my wisdom teeth?

Many patients will need their wisdom teeth removed when they emerge. Wisdom teeth can injure the back molars or lead to overcrowding if they are impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth do not have enough room in the mouth to emerge properly. Most of the time, wisdom teeth can grow at odd angles. Contact us if you notice your wisdom teeth coming in and we will help you determine if you require a tooth extraction.

How do nightguards compare to sports mouthguards?

Nightguards are custom-made oral appliances that look similar to mouthguards. However, nightguards and mouthguards are made of different materials and have different purposes. Nightguards benefit patients with bruxism, or teeth clenching and grinding. Many patients clench and grind their teeth unconsciously at night. Wearing an acrylic nightguard prevents further tooth wear and keeps the teeth from grinding together. Sports mouthguards are made of flexible plastic and protect the teeth from injury or loss.

Why is pediatric dentistry important?

Pediatric dental care sets up children for a lifetime of healthy smiles. We recommend that parents bring their children to their first dental visit after they get their first baby tooth. Regular dental appointments allow children to learn how to care for their smiles over time. Our hygienists and dental team can also answer questions from parents about how to encourage healthy oral health habits for their children at home.

Children who receive professional dental care at a young age and visit the dentist regularly are able to maintain their oral health over time as they learn how to develop a good oral hygiene routine. These early dental visits also prevent dental fear or anxiety.

What can I do if I have dental anxiety?

Our dental office accommodates patients with dental fear and anxiety. Please contact our office if you or a loved one require dental care but have a fear of the dentist. Our dental office is a judgment-free place where we encourage patients to come to us with their dental problems. We want to create a comfortable environment where patients can feel confident in our care.

We will often recommend dental sedation for anxious or fearful patients if they need a dental procedure or even a routine cleaning. Sedation is a safe treatment method that relaxes patients for pain-free treatment.

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