Dr. Corey's Trip to Costa Rica for Aligns Global Faculty Meeting

Last week I had the privilege of visiting Costa Rica for the Global Faculty meeting of Align Technologies. I had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with speakers from all over the world including New Zealand, Singapore, France, Germany, Ireland and England. This meeting was put together with the sole purpose of allowing Doctors from all over the world to work together and with Align to improve the brand and procedure of Invisalign for our patients.

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Soda, Sports Drinks, and Teeth

Did you know that Americans drink nearly 45 gallons of soda and sports drinks on average every year? Teeth are made of the hardest substance in your body and withstand a lot of chewing and grinding, but sugar and acid from these beverages damage enamel.

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Oral HealthShon Dempsey
Goodbye Cavities?

Every year, Over 175 million teeth are filled in the U.S. to repair damage from cavities. A blend of bacteria, sugar, and immune factors create a complex process that affects the quality of life in every age group.  Did you know that researchers are uncovering innovative methods that could make traditional fillings a practice of the past?  Here’s a look at what’s ahead!

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Shon Dempsey
The River Within

Everybody loves the brilliance of a friendly smile and the pleasure of chewing their favorite foods.  But in the 1990’s, researchers discovered a correlation between gum disease and other health problems, including heart disease.  Over the last 30 years, evidence has continued to link oral and general health. Here’s a fascinating look at what we know, and how you can help control your risk.

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Dental HealthShon Dempsey